Getting Started……

All I knew was a wanted to document my adventures both past and present, I had never thought about a website until I friend suggested it. Thank You Sir!!!

So, today I start my documentation process. This website will include useful information along with not-so-useful information as I make my solo bid to camp in all 50 states. This will also be a process of healing for me as I’ve found nothing more healing than “THE GREAT OUTDOORS”.  Things are sort in a draft mode but, information will be posted soon as I get more familiar with the logistics of building a website & blogging. I’m not clueless.

And no adventure, camping website would be complete without a food section so, watch for some of my favorite things to be listed there, BLT’s for sure.

Thank you to everyone who has supported me. See you on the trails.

10 thoughts on “Getting Started……”

  1. Hiya! I met you in Valley of Fire in Nevada and took a pic of you and the beautiful scenery on your camera. I turned 50 recently and was on a two week cross country trek with my daughter and 2 granddaughters, You were such a sweet heart and told me of your story.
    I truly hope that on this Journey you find your center and become whole again, life has a way of chipping little pieces from our soul. I believe you had Hawaii and Alaska remaining on your Camp list, breath in what you see and let you heal.
    Lilly from Washington State 💕

    1. it was nice to meet you as well. Thank you for the kinds words. Yes, Hawaii and Alaska are on tap for April with a small celebration in Seattle before heading back home to Boston.

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