Free viagra samples before buying uk, Why does viagra need a prescription EXPLORING AMERICA ONE CAMPSITE AT A TIME. #CAMP50 Thu, 08 Jun 2017 01:39:28 +0000 en-US hourly 1 Life After Completing Camp50 Thu, 08 Jun 2017 01:39:28 +0000 I started writing this months ago, sometime after returning from Mount Rainier around August 31, 2016. I’ve always wondered about my constant need to be on the go, to explore, to discover new places. I wondered if all the running around is just ways of not dealing with my feelings. During the two years of Campt50, I’ve learned that I’m not running from my feelings, … Premarin 0.625mg tablets

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I started writing this months ago, sometime after returning from Mount Rainier around August 31, 2016.

I’ve always wondered about my constant need to be on the go, to explore, to discover new places. I wondered if all the running around is just ways of not dealing with my feelings. During the two years of Campt50, I’ve learned that I’m not running from my feelings, I’ve been growing with each and every trip.  I’ve learned more in two years about how to deal with my feelings than I have my entire life. I consider the completion of Camp50 to be a move in the right direction for me.

Fast forward to today 6-7-17, this is how my life is after Camp50

Life seems so different not having to rush off or plan for the next camping trip. That process became such a part of my day to day that not planning, not having a timeline or an end date seems a bit empty now.  Since completing Camp50, life has been about enjoying the present, being in the moment, no planning, no stress, just living. It’s still not important to me to stay home and clean or dust the house. Whenever we can Patriot and I take off to do something together, something outside.

Let’s reflect on the other things I learned from #CAMP50

Life is Life, it’s filled with good days and there are some bad days as well but, those days/years don’t have to define who you are now. Do things that make you happy. Seek out nature as your guide to bring more calmness and balance to this sometimes crazy world. For me nature is the great healer. If you allow it, nature can provide you with space to find your true feelings, space to find your true self and space to clear your mind. Nature can lead you down an amazing path in life…… let nature be your guide.

Follow these simple steps to a happier, healthier lifestyle

  • Step 1 Think positive thoughts
  • Step 2 Spend time with Nature
  • Step 3 With the above two steps, you’ll start to find more balance in your days
  • Steps 4 Don’t forget to breath.  Are you truly taking deep breaths? If not, try it –  take a deep breath now, then another one!!!

I’m not sure where this website or where the travels of #Camp50 will take me but, now that all 50 states are completed, I feel happy and I just want to take time to explore this great nation. I want to explore places I could only stay overnight before. I will always return to old friends like NH and Mount Rainier because they always pull me back to them. Exploring Colorado, Wyoming and Montana are definitely on the short list. Hope you follow along when you can and please remember to breath, get outdoors, stay outdoors.

Lastly, I like to close out my writings with a quote…………here’s the quote for this writing.

A person often meets his destiny on the road he took to avoid it – Jean de La Fontaine






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